Our number one priority is the safety of your worksite and the people who come into contact with it, whether they are your staff or members of the community.

We have proven methods of ensuring risks are identified early and managed appropriately. When it comes to safety, no risk is worth taking.

Our Traffic Control Plans contain recommendations and guidelines for best practice safety measures and equipment.

Since we have over 25 years experience in the industry, we’ve worked on almost every type of construction site. Whether it is a major road works initiative or a small asphalt refurbishment, we know what actions to take to eliminate risks.

Management provides extensive training to personnel.
Management and Supervisors have a variety of qualifications, certificates, and training which includes: Design + Inspect, Implement, Traffic Control, as well as: BA Business Management, Diploma of WHS, Diploma of Project Management, First Aid, Return to Work Coordinator.
Mandatory PPE for Traffic Professional Personnel includes: Hard hat, high-vis Long Sleeve shirt, Long Pants, Safety Glasses, steel Tip boots and ear protection.


Work Health & Safety Act 2011.
Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011

Australian Standards

AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High visibility safety garments – Garments for high risk applications
AS 1742.3 – 2009 Manual of uniform Traffic Control Devices,
AS 1742.3 – 2009: Manual of uniform traffic control devices – Traffic control for works on roads,

WHS Code of Practice

Workers Compensation Act 1987
Work Place Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act, 1998
Workers Compensation Regulation 2010


  • Hazardous Manual tasks 2012
  • Construction Works 2014
  • Managing Risks of Plant in the Workplace 2012
  • Hot and Cold Environment
  • Traffic Management in the Workplace 2012
  • Moving Plant 2004
  • Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work
  • Hot and Cold Environments

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